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Color Changing Pipe Set
Product Description This pipe set comes with a huge 4.5 inch color changing bone with c..
Ex Tax: $27.99
Color Changing Sherlock and Glass Pipe Set
Product Description Triple thick color changers fumed with pure .999 sterling silver. Y..
Ex Tax: $34.99
Fumey Chucker and Glass Blunt Combo
Product Description Set includes a very thick 3.5 inch, silver fumed, color changing sp..
Ex Tax: $24.99
Fumey Dot Sherlock and Onie Glass Pipe Set
Product Description Super chunky pieces fumed with gold and silver for awesome color ch..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Hammer and Sherlock Bubbler Glass Pipe Set
Product Description You will receive both of these colorful 6 inch, inside out bubblers..
Ex Tax: $47.99
Inside Out Single and Double Sherlock Bubblers.
Product Description The single bubbler is 6 inches and the double 7 inches. Yes, you ge..
Ex Tax: $77.99
Oregon Hammer Bubbler and Pipe Set
Product Description 8 inch color changing hammer bubbler and 4 inch spin trail color ch..
Ex Tax: $42.99
Pink Sherbulator and Pink Toe Pipe Combo
Product Description 6.5 inch pink internal bubbler and 3.75 inch pink pipe.  ..
Ex Tax: $32.99
Rasta Mini Bubbler Collection
Product Description You receive one Sherlock bubbler, one Sidecar bubbler and one force..
Ex Tax: $87.99
Tesla Coil Bubbler and Mini Tesla Coil Pipe Set
Product Description Very thick 6.5 inch inside out bubbler and 3.75 inch hand pipe with..
Ex Tax: $37.99
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