Glass Pipes

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Product Description Nice and chunky 4 inch, inside out, latticino pipe with flattened m..
Ex Tax: $8.99
Coiled Black Mamba
Product Description Extremely thick 4 inch true black pipe with clear coil wrap. ..
Ex Tax: $22.99
Dichro Stripe
Product Description 4 inch dichroic piece with color wrapped carb/choke.   ..
Ex Tax: $10.99
Double Barrel Shotgun
Product Description 6 inch inside out pipe with two bowls.   ..
Ex Tax: $20.99
GS Twist Hand Blown Glass Pipes
Product Description Very chunky piece. Excellent color changer. 4.5 inches  ..
Ex Tax: $22.99
Hypno Bowl
Product Description Thick 4 inch inside out glass pipe with a hypnotic inside out patte..
Ex Tax: $9.99
Liquid Vortex Glass Pipes
Product Description 4 inch liquid vortex filled pipe.   ..
Ex Tax: $22.99
Mini Tesla Coil
Product Description 3.75 inch inside out color changer with pure silver fume and lattic..
Ex Tax: $11.99
Super Nova Glass Pipe
Product Description A larger, beefier version of the nova. Extremely chunky and heavy ..
Ex Tax: $22.99
Tesla Coil
Product Description Chunky 6 inch color changer with inside out latticino bowl. &..
Ex Tax: $37.99
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