About Us

Welcome to your one-stop shop for quality smoking products. All our glassworks are unique hand crafted by skillful expert glass makers using high quality hard glass. We are proud of all our products, from bongs, water pipes, water bubblers and glass spoons because they are all functional, durable and eye catching glass works.


Our products can easily pass as art pieces because we are very particular about quality, details and finishing. Look through our website, to locate the ideal bubbler, water bong, glass water pipes and glass spoons that best reflect your style.


Our Glass pipes and other smoking related products are all designed to increase your smoking pleasure. We specialise in high quality products only, allowing you to enjoy tobacco and other legal smoking substances with the true feeling of leisure. You are sure to find a number of products that would catch you fancy among our extensive collection of glass products under our main categories. We ship  to major destinations of the world and would be happy to meet your individual specific needs.

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